Puppy Dog & Kitty Cat Mini Pet LED Flashing Collar Night Light Safety Pendant Keyring

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Safety First LED Pet Light Pendant

Keep your loved one Safe! This pet collar pendant is for in-home or night travel, keep track of their whereabouts, and easily spot them no matter how dark it is. Drivers, Cyclists and all Pedestrians will be able to see your pet easily. This LED Light can also be used for key chains and flashing toys.


  1. Weather resistant, lightweight, Portable
  2. Secure stainless steel spring clip easily clips to the D-ring on your dog's collar
  3. Easily replaceable batteries
  4. Click once: fast flash Mode, Press twice: Slow flash Mode, Press three times: long bright Mode
  5. The battery-powered LED emits a bright ambient glow, perfect for those pre-dawn or after dark outings. Easily track your pet and identify them clearly from a distance

Package Includes: 1 X Pet Safety Night Light Pendant 

100% Pet safe, durable & high in Quality     

Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, White 

Material: Plastic

Diameter: approx. 3cm 

Length: approx. 5cm 

Battery Mode: CR2032 

Lighting mode: flash, slow flash, long bright 

Battery runs time: 

Glow mode: 30 hours 

Flash mode: 35 hours 

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